Clan Sinclair 50th Gathering

In June, Clan Sinclair celebrated its 50th Anniversary in Winnipeg as a clan in Canada. In attendance was the hereditary chief of Clan Sinclair - The 20th Earl of Caithness, The Honourable Malcolm Ian Sinclair. Supporting and fostering Scottish connection is what Clan Sinclair is all about.

 The theme for the gathering of Clan Sinclair of Canada was the Celebration of the marriage of William and Nahoway Sinclair. It was one of the first marriages to take place in Manitoba which was discouraged by the British Crown in the early days of the fur trade in Manitoba and Canada.


Guests arrived from the United Kingdom, Australia, USA, locally and other parts of Canada for four days of celebrations and tours to St. John's Cathedral to Margaret Nahoway’s grave for a service and to Seven Oaks House (Nahoway's home before death). A guided tour at the Museum of Man & Nature offered the Sinclair Clan a viewing of HBC exhibits and its private collection.  Guests found the service at St. Peter, Dynevor Old Stone Church to be emotionally moving.  St. Peter's, which was the first Indigenous Church and Old St. Peter's Reserve.  It was also where Catherine Cook Sinclair, the daughter of William and Nahoway, was buried.  A trip to Lower Fort Garry offered enactments of how the Scots and Indigenous people interacted.


On Saturday, June 22, they celebrated with a dinner at the Hotel Fort Garry with 115 guests attending as well as several St. Andrew's Society members: Jae Eadie, President and his wife Rhoda, Pam Simmons, Alexandra Paul and John and Judith Perrin. Jim Bear, one of our patrons and wife, Meryl, was part of the evening. It was a delightful evening filled with live entertainment by Indigenous singers, jingle dancers and the Winnipeg Police Pipe Band.  It was a blend of both cultures - just like William and Nahoway. The Earl of Caithness was joined by Scott and Rory Sinclair in one of the most humorous addresses to the haggis.


Clan Sinclair also held their AGM on the last day of their four days of touring and sight-seeing. Congratulations to Luke Settee, a member of the St. Andrew's Society of Winnipeg for being elected Vice President of Clan Sinclair Canada. It was also Luke who did a splendid job of organizing the Winnipeg events for the gathering in Winnipeg.