Did you know?

Did you know - the Scots invented the first wind power turbine?

Do you think wind power is a modern invention in response to global warming?  Think again.  Wind power was invented by Scottish engineer James Blyth of Marykirk, Kinkardineshire. 

 In 1887 he built a horizontal wind turbine to light his holiday cottage at Marykirk.  This was the first recorded use of wind power to generate electricity.  Blyth later installed a larger wind turbine to supply emergency power at the Montrose Lunatic Asylum, Infirmary and Dispensary where it was use for 30 years.

 Blyth’s used a horizontal cloth-sail wind turbine as opposed to today’s vertical wind turbines.  His invention was only 20 years after the invention of the dynamo by Werner von Siemens. Blyth was awarded a UK patent for his wind turbine in 1891. Blyth was ahead of his time - the first use in the UK of wind power to generate electricity for the public utility was not until 1951.