Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in volunteering at the Whisky Tasting:British Pub Edition? You will get free entrance if you help out taking tickets at the door, assisting with the Nose Knows contest or Putting Contest or other short term tasks at the event. For more information, contact Pam Simmons, Secretary at 204-487-7181 or standrewssocietywpg@gmail.com.

Thank you Folklorama Volunteers!

A special thank you to the following volunteers to helped out with the St. Andrew's booth at the UK and Scotland Pavilions during Folklorama: Peter Heavysege (who did a great job of organizing volunteers and the booth):Peter Heavysege, Colin Harris, Pam Simmons, David Cherrett, John & Judith Perrin, Rhonda Kennedy Rogers, Kris Olafson, Phyliss Cherrett, Dwight Macaulay, Evelyn Mitchell, Rob Tighe & Phyllis Fraser, and Donald & Alesa Sutherland.