Our Standing Committees

The St. Andrew's Society of Winnipeg Board of Managers appoints a number of Standing Committees to deal with the business of the Society and our recurring events. The chair of each committee is appointed by the Board upon the recommendation of the President. 

  • Finance Committee

  • Fund Raising Committee

  • 150th Anniversary Committee

  • Membership Committee

  • Communications Committee

  • Culture & Heritage Committee

  • Events Committee

  • Annual Dinner Committee

  • Operations Committee


Our Statutory Committees

The Society's By-laws also provide for the chairmanship, membership and purposes of Statutory Committees.

  • Advisory Committee

  • Nominating & Governance Committee

  • Executive Committee


the Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is directed at maintaining, enriching and increasing memberhip with the objective of fulfilling the Society's mission.

The Membership Committee is responsible for the development and maintenance of an Application Process and Form consistent with the Society's recruitment policy. New applications for membership shall be reviewed by the Committee and where appropriate recommended to the Board for acceptance at the next scheduled meeting.

The Committee also maintains a vital role in fostering an interest in members who are ill, distressed or incapacitated. A visitation program is inherent in the process. Special training and skills in visitation are integral necessities for some Committee members. The Committee shall determine that membership fees which are delinquent by the September meeting result in written or verbal reminder to the responsible members before membership cancellation in January of the following year.

the Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for coordinating all communications for the Society. The Committee has the responsibility of maintaining and distributing the Saltire, maintaining The Society's website which are both used as information vehicles of the Society. The Editor (The Saltire) and the Webmaster shall be appointed by the Board. The Webmaster shall review, design and modify the website subject to Board approval. The Committee shall assume responsibility for coordinating all communications and public relations activities.

the Culture & Heritage Committee

This Committee’s prime objective is the preservation and promotion of Scottish culture for the people of Manitoba in addition to creating awareness of the Scot’s role in the development of the Province.

 The Committee shall review all grant applications from individuals and organizations in accordance with the Society’s objectives and make recommendations to the Board for support from the Trust Fund. The Committee shall develop and implement education initiatives following Board approval. The Committee is also responsible for the preservation and secure maintenance of the Society’s archives, regalia and memorabilia. These materials shall be inventoried and available for Society initiatives. Authority to destroy material of negligible value resides with the Committee. The Committee shall review the criteria approved by the Board and make a recommendation for the annual Lord Strathcona Award.

the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a Statutory Committee consisting of the President, the Vice President, the Corresponding Secretary, the Treasurer and the Immediate Past President. The Officers are chosen for and expected to provide responsible leadership to the Society and the Board.

 The Executive Committee is responsible to the Board of Managers for the conduct of all matters relevant to the Society. Between scheduled Board Meetings, the Executive Committee shall carry out the affairs of the Society. Decisions made are subject to approval at the next scheduled Board Meeting. The Executive Committee is not empowered to enter into any contracts of a fiscal nature until these have been approved by the Board. In practice, the Executive Committee defers most decisions until the Board of Managers considers the committee's recommendations.

The Executive Committee is expected to provide general leadership for the Society and develop policy initiatives for subsequent Board approval. Meetings and participants shall be at the call of the chair and there shall be a minimum of six meetings annually. Three members shall constitute a quorum. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for recommendation to the Board of a recipient for the Citizen of the Year Award. Under extraordinary circumstances and at its sole discretion, the Executive Committee may consider and provide assistance to financially distressed Scots, who have filed written application with the Society.